Annica Höglund, communication officer

Directory Co-ordinator Web Master IT Co-ordinator

Student Health Service Directorate/Communications Office Student Support and Guidance

Arne Hallgren, system administrator

Student Counsellor IT Co-ordinator

Student Records Office

Claus Jochheim, counsellor

Directory Co-ordinator

Student Health Service

Processes transfer of credits and degrees

Head of Division Peder Tjäderborn
Assistant Head of Division Helena Lindvall
Head of Unit Erik Ångman
Head of Student Records Office
Helena Lindvall
Head of Student Support and Guidance
Åsa Vännman
Head of Admissions Office
Student Counsellor Arne Hallgren
Karin Persson
Linda Lindgren
Åsa Hammarberg
IT Co-ordinator Annica Höglund
Arne Hallgren
Directory Co-ordinator Annica Höglund
Claus Jochheim
Erik Ångman
Åsa Vännman
Web Master Annica Höglund
Information Officer and Portal Editor

Page Editor: Åsa Vännman

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