Degree Evaluation Office

The Degree Evaluation Office is the decision-making and administrative authority at Umeå University regarding degree certificate matters at first, second and third cycles for all faculties. The Degree Evaluation Office also handles the applications and makes decisions regarding transfer of credits at first and second cycle.

When a degree application is received, the studies of the student in question undergo quality control. The application is reviewed in respect to applicable degree regulations, both national and local. If the application is accepted, the degree is issued and the certificate is sent to the student.

When a student applies for transfer of credits, the application is received, processed and decided by The Degree Evaluation Office. In the handling process will the faculty / department (or equivalent) make the assessment for the subject in question.

The Degree Evaluation Office prepares and provides to the Vice-Chancellor proposals for decisions on the establishment of the local degree requirements. The Degree Evaluation Office is also responsible for the secretariat of the Degree Board, in which it is involved with one member.

We hold information on what degrees that are issued at Umeå University, the regulations for different degrees and transfer of credits.

You are welcome to visit us on the 3rd floor of the East Wing in the Administration Building.

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