Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is responsible for the admission to education in the first and second cycle for single subject courses, courses within programmes, later part of a programme, and Master's programmes.

Coordinated admissions are made in the national database for higher education in Sweden (NyA) owned by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). Our staff contributes to the Virtual Organizations (VO and AkVO) set up by UHR for evaluation of foreign upper secondary and higher education qualifications.

The Admissions Office manages contacts with UHR and forwards comments about and requests for and NyA. We are responsible for the admission session production rounds at Umeå University in which the University participates.

We not only verify eligibility and selection, but we adjust the admission codes in the education database Selma. In NyA we create models for eligibility, selection and application needed for the mechanical assessment and in order to enable the admission and selection process.

We also make decisions regarding exemptions for eligibility requirements; we review consideration of prior learning in connection with eligibility examination of admissions; we make decisions about the deferment of studies; and we make statements in appeal cases concerning admission to education.

Admission related tasks

The Admissions Office serves as the secretariat of the Admission Board which is the Vice-Chancellor’s advisory group on matters of admission requirements and selection.

The Admissions Office produces admission and enrolment statistics for courses and programmes at Umeå University for the University Management, the Planning Office, and departments. Statistics are also published on our websites.

We are responsible for admissions-related information in course catalogues (both in print and on the Internet), directions for admission within programmes and for additional information concerning admission to education in the first and second cycle.

Internal and external service

The Admissions Office also provides information about issues related to the above responsibilities (by e-mail, phone, visits) from students, departments, faculties, other administrative authorities, as well as other interested parties.

We administer user accounts in NyA and maintain information about the admission system and

On request, we hold courses in the NyA system for departmental users at Umeå University.

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